Clasp Together (beta)

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This piece explores the combination of music neurotechnology for sound synthesis and Electroencephalography (EEG) as a control device. Both non-sound-producing gestures and cognitive instructions are integrated into the score. The Neurogranular sampler (NGS) invented by John Matthais et al. features a spiked neuronal network model (originally developed by Eugene Izhikevich), whereby when a neuron fires, a sample from a delayed audio buffer is played. This instrument produces a cloud-like cluster of ‘sound grains’ that vary in intensity depending on the activity in the network. It is possible to set various parameters of the NGS including; network activity, network size (1-1000 neurons), synapses per neuron, thalamic input and maximal axonal delay as well as grain length on the granulator side.

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A Joint Paper on this piece by Harry Whalley, Panos Mavros and Pete Furniss has been accepted for publication for the autumn issue of Empirical Musicology Review (EMR).

Keywords: BioMusic, Emotiv Empoc Music, EEG controlled. Red Note Ensemble