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Bonington - Mountaineer (2017) 1h15

Dir: Brian Hall and Keith Partridge

The film looks retrospectively, from his rock climbing days in the UK through to visionary ascents on the high peaks of the Himalaya and shares the remarkable and poignant life of one of the world’s best-known mountaineers – Sir Chris Bonington. -



2p (2011) 2.20' 

Dir: Will Malony

Between the hours of nine and five Billy works as a nightclub “PR Rep”, but his life’s passion lies in collecting 2p coins. Billy takes pride in his small change hobby, learning the value of enjoying the tiny things life has to offer. But in his love for the small things. • Watch on virgin media shorts. 


Nanna (2013) c.20'

Dir: Steven Aldridge 

Nanna is a short film about the relationship between a young London man and his eccentric Caribbean grandmother.

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On the Wall (2013) c.2.20'

Dir: Larry Cowan

A mysterious man follows a female thief through the streets of Belfast. As his curiosity grows, his intentions become increasingly unknown. 


Cowboys and Dissidents (2012) c.18.20'

Dir: Will Maloney 

Cowboys and Dissidents tells the story of a disillusioned young man tasked to murder a police officer in retaliation for the death of his own father.However, upon breaking into the officer’s home, the young man is forced to re-examine his intentions.

laine (2012) c.20.00'

Dir: Lisa Castagner

A young girl explorers her new moral principles and takes guidance from her new friends.  The Score features John Kenny playing the Carnyx. 

Chemistry (2012) c.19.00'

Dir: Stephen McGeough

The slap-stick story a young man trying to find love online. Maybe meeting the Most Beautiful Woman In The World isn't always a good thing?


Peridot (2007) c. 6.40'

Dir: Larry Cowan

Call girl by night, invisible nobody by day. Now someone wants to know the real her. If only she can let the mask fall.

Funded by Northern Irish film commission (NI Screen). 

Art Film

Pullman Court (2014) c. 19.50'

Dir: Lisa Castagner 

Experimental film documenting residents at Pullman Court during sunset, accompanied by a musical score composed by Harry Whalley.  




Harry Likes Plums (2013)  iOS, android

Div: Tim Leslie

In Harry Likes Plums, an unbearably cute green blob called Harry is armed only with a broken teleporter, a healthy obsession with plums and your wits. When he inevitably materialises just out of reach of his fruity fancy, you use the tools at your fingertips to get him those last few inches. Download from the app store (free!)

Before Alpha-Go (2016) - Poster presentation

Interpreting Board Game moves as a source material of the Game of Go, 

Like Chess, Go is a non-chance combinatorial game - a strategy game with deceptively simple rules which go back over 3000 years. Only this year have human masters of the game been challenged and beaten by machine learning. 


Edinburgh Game Symposium (2015) - Performance Workshop + Presentation

Along with composer Luci Holland this workshop examined experimentation in music performance and composition, with a live band of musicians from the Tinderbox Orchestra and Mantra Collective. Exploring how music can shape and enhance stories, create atmospheres, bring a character to life and more, and what this can do for compelling game design and experiences.   Presentation on Sound and the senses, which used examples from sound design in Film.


Musemantik (2011)  Proof on concept, non-linear composition

Composition advisor to Musemantik, custom coding adaptive scores as part of the prototype process. 



Dark and Cavernous Walls (2010) 

Dir: Giles Falkener 

First Barons Court Theatre: Terrifying stories, designed to curdle the blood and tingle the hairs at the back of the neck... A London writer suffering from writers' block heads out to an old country hotel which just happens to be haunted.


Jekyll and Hyde (2009)

Dir: Giles Falkener 

3in4 Productions and Union Theatre. An exploration of the good and bad within us all in which Dr Jekyll develops drugs that separate out the good and evil in a man - his intention is to create pure good but the eveil takes over as the violent Mr Hyde. Meanwhile, death stalks the streets of London