Forever and Shall Be

I have worked with Kathy on many projects, including playing on much of her first album 'far from entirely'. However, this is the first time our roles have been reversed with her giving me words for me to set.  The theme was scottish landscape, and Kathy drew inspiration from the stunning photograph below.  

Photograph by Janette Donoghue.


Forever and Shall Be 

by Kathy Muir

On peaceful days or restless nights, where the sun meets the horizon is where you will find me. My legs have long since turned to paper and my eyes have seen better times. But, my mind and my heart remain forever young. I simply close my eyes, let memories play their part and, slowly on the horizon, there appears my home. My land.

Standing by the water’s edge looking westward, the sea breathes a gentle murmur, her rhythm as soft as the silken garbs that clothe her. She bares herself to her ethereal lover, this willing sky and accomplice. They forever gaze at each other in joyful unison even though they can never touch.   

And yet, in my mind’s eye, I see their fingers touch, yonder on the horizon’s edge. At that moment, they are wedded and I smile, for I too am wedded, willingly to this land. Though I may not touch her shores, breathe her air, cast my eyes upon her sunsets or drink from her pools, my heart is and forever shall be there. Here.

My home, my land.