Selected Concerts and Commissions

Composer in Residence - St Vincent's Chapel since January 2016. Winner of the West Cork Chamber Music Composers Prize, Winner Composers Orchestra Prize. 


Fear and Trembling [Orchestra] c.12’

        First performance due November 2016.

Flodden Wall [Jazz Quartet and String Quartet] c.8’

        Performed by by Ron Davis and Symphonic, at Lula Lounge, Toronto

Either / Or [Trio miniature]

        Performed by Ensemble Dissous, Edinburgh Central Library - George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

Strands. [Orchestra] c.10’

        Performed by the Tinderbox Orchestra, Assembly Roxy (December 2015) conducted by Harry Whalley.

Seven Rocks. [String Trio / String Quartet] c.22’

        Performed by the Gildas Quartet, St Georges Church Millom (May 2014). Commissioned by the Norman Nicholson Society

Clouds [Violin and Piano] c.10


Gods and Designers. [Soprano, Cello] c.6’

        Performed by Peyee Chen, Anna Menzies at INTIME conference, October 2014 Coventry.

Entangled Music. [Mixed Chamber Orchestra] c.55’

        Performed by the ‘Meta Ensemble’, (November 2013) conducted by James Lowe, Edinburgh 

Clasp Together (beta) [Bs Clarinet, Mixed Ensemble, Electronics, EEG] c.7’

        Performed by the ‘Red Note Ensemble’ Jam House, Edinburgh (2012). Featuring Pete Furniss and John Kenny. Commissioned by the Inventor Composer Co-Action. Also shown at the Edinburgh International Festival (EIF) in 2013 by Prof. Nigel Osborne in Art, Mind and Machine.

Collatz [Orchestra] (2013) c.20’


Forever and Shall Be [Sop, Vc, Pno] c.6’

        First performance by Rachel Timney, Justyna Jablonska and Sarah Becker at the Jazz Bar, Edinburgh August (2014). The Poem Forever and Shall be was written by Kathy Muir.

Gigantesque [String Quartet] (2012) c.9’

        First Performed by the Edinburgh Quartet, St. Cecelia's Hall, Edinburgh

Transgression [Wind Quintet] (2012) c.10’

        First performed by the ‘Northern Lights Wind Quintet’ – Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh Nov 2013

12a631 [String Quintet] (2011) c.8’

        First performance by the Gildas Quartet and Andres Kungla at the Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh. November 2013. 

Jammerwoch. [Orchestra and Soprano] (2013) c.20’

        Performed 5th May 2013 by Peyee Chen and the Edinburgh Contemporary Music Ensemble Conducted by James Lowe, Reid Concert Hall Edinburgh

Compression. [String Quartet] c.8’

        Performed (June 2012) by the Gildas Quartet at the West Cork Chamber Music Festival, Ireland

Point to Point [Trio Miniture] (2013)

        First Performed by Nodes Performing arts, 5 Ninth Ave, Chelsea, New York City 

Torque [String Quartet] (2012) c.14’

        First and Second movements performed in open workshop by Quatuor Diotima.

Motion. [Vln, Cl, Hn, Pno, Vc] (2011)  c.6’

        Performed by the Hebrides Ensemble, Reid Hall, Edinburgh. Featuring Alec Frank Gemmill

Organ Concerto [Organ, String Orchestra and Timps] c.30’


Pripyat [Trio and Tape] (2010) c.5’

        First performance at the the White door Gallery during the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe Festival by the Contingent Chamber Ensemble.

Flight of the Willow Warbler [Cl, B.Cl, Org, Perc, Electronics, Tape] (2007) c.20’

        First performed at Soundings Festival Edinburgh, Multi-channel distribution by Harry Whalley

Music for Film, Games, Dance and Theatre

Pullman Court (2014). [DVD] Directed by Lisa Castagner. c.20 min

Nanna (2013). [Film] Directed by Steven Aldridge. c.20 min

On the Wall (2013). [Film] Directed by Will Maloney. c.22 min

Harry Likes Plums (2013) [iOS Game] Produced by Tim Leslie

Colours (2013) [Music for Dance] choreographed by Vincent Hantam

Chemistry (2012). [Film] Directed by Stephen McGough. c.18 min

Little Harmonic Labyrinth (2012) [Video Installation] c.∞'

Cowboys and Dissidents (2012). [DVD and film] Directed by Will Maloney. c.23 min

2p (2011). [Video] Virgin Media Short, Directed by Will Maloney. c.2 min

Silent Film [Piano] University of Edinburgh taught course, Piano performer

Dark and Cavernous Walls (2010) [Theatre] Directed by Giles Falkener 

Jekyll and Hyde (2009)  [Theatre] Directed by Giles Falkener 

Various Theatre Productions Northern Ireland [Theatre] Piano performance

Screenings include International Film Festivals in Berlin, Los Angeles, London, Belfast, Edinburgh and Palm Springs.