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"Harry Whalleys exciting 'Entangled Music' Project strikes right at the heart of what contemporary music is about"  - Brian Felsen CDbaby

” …scribbled words, arrows and symbols were projected live on to a massive screen for the sections to respond to, an impressive experimental addition which realised the wondrous threads of compositional skill and musical talent running through the enthralling live experience.”  - The List

"The high point of the evening, though, was Harry Whalley’s Clasp Together (beta), which required Red Note clarinettist Peter Furniss to don a headband in order to control the piece’s electronics with his brainwaves. The score includes thought commands for the performer, the programme notes informed us, and watching Furniss close his eyes and relax his mind to take the piece to its quiet conclusion was unforgettable." **** The Scotsman

The Sound and the Senses talk by Harry Whalley, was both illuminating and fascinating.